Locating to Venlo GreenPark

Villa FloraInnovatowerPark surroundings

Venlo GreenPark is bustling with activity. The Innovatower and Villa Flora are in the process of being built, the new access road, Greenportlane, is being constructed and the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians is also taking shape. All the elements of Venlo GreenPark are designed and developed taking sustainability as the guiding principle, based on reusing raw materials so that products can be 100% recycled.

Venlo GreenPark targets a specific group -office-based companies and institutes with a knowledge-intensive focus and preferably operating in the agro-sector (food, flowers, fresh produce). Space has also been reserved for additional services in the remit of facility management and leisure. The companies at the business park can benefit from these services, but they can also fulfil a function for other commercial and public parties in the immediate vicinity. Potential examples include wellness, fitness, sport facilities, catering services and a hotel and conference centre.

Venlo GreenPark provides ample parking space and oversees the general park management. The size of the plots still available depends on the exact position on the site. Click here for an overview of the entire site and the plots. If you require more information, please read the brochure or contact us.