Greenport Venlo

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Greenport Venlo is the second largest concentration of horticulture in the Netherlands. And seen in conjunction with the neighbouring German region of Niederrhein, Greenport Venlo is even the largest in Europe. All the links in the agro-food chain are represented: from the primary sector - food, feed and flowers - right through to trading and processing. Greenport Venlo focuses on the one hand on regional development, and on the other on product, process and market innovation. To this end, Greenport Venlo unites researchers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, the public sector and the surrounding area. This should serve to double the economic value in the fresh produce sector from 1 to 2 billion Euros in the coming decade. The region around Venlo forms the heart of Greenport Venlo. Greenport Venlo is one of designated five Greenports in the Netherlands. Greenport Venlo is a unique cooperative venture in the field of agribusiness between the public and private sectors, science, education and the local residents. The cooperation revolves around stimulating innovation, creating an attractive working and living environment and integral regional development. The aim is to provide an impulse for the economy of the region of North Limburg.

Venlo GreenPark is a major, independent part of the regional development of Greenport Venlo, which is being developed by the Development Company Greenport Venlo (DCGV). An area covering 5,400 hectares, also referred to as Klavertje 4, will be home to numerous developments. These include the development of the 60 hectare, green business park, Venlo GreenPark, which will be hosting the Floriade in 2012.